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CERI Research Advisory Committee

The research advisory committee assists CERI with the identification and review of research projects.  Energy sector professionals are appointed to the RAC for their individual expertise in economics, engineering, environmental management, stakeholder relations and energy policy.  These individuals volunteer their time to provide advice to CERI.

The advice from the RAC ranges from identifying relevant topics to fact checking of the data in our reports.  The assumptions included in CERI reports are challenged so that reasonable assumptions provide a more relevant analysis.  RAC members recognize and respect their role is to provide input to CERI, and that CERI alone takes responsibility for the final product produced by the institute.

CERI is pleased to have the following professionals on our research advisory committee.

Dr. Joule Bergerson, Assistant Professor
University of Calgary

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Mr. James Brown, P. Eng. Principal
ERM Certification & Verification Services

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Mr. Dan George, President
Four Directions Management Services Ltd.

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Mr. Jim Hughes
Calgary, Alberta








Mr. Bruce Lourie
Ivey Foundation

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Mr. Paul-Emile McNab
Senior Manager, Research
Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business


Mr. Mark Pinney, Manager Markets and Transportation
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

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Dr. Shahrzad Rahbar, President
Industrial Gas Users Association

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Ms. Yasmin Rahemtulla
Director, Energy Markets
Alberta Energy







Mr. Charles Slagorsky
Calgary, Alberta






Radha Subramani
Energy and Economic Analysis Division
Natural Resources Canada