CERI Commodity Report - Crude Oil

Editorial Committee:  Paul Kralovic, Dinara Millington,
Megan Murphy, Allan Fogwill

CERI Commodity Report - Crude Oil is an original, thought provoking publication focusing on short-term developments (including geopolitical ones) in the world oil market, a well as issues impacting the oil market in the longer term.  The outlook section provides information and analysis pertaining to the oil market eight quarters into the future.  This includes forecasted (and historical) supply, demand and inventory information, comparisons with other organzations' forecasts, information pertaining to OPEC behaviour and the forward market, as well as CERI's oil price forecast.  The Data Appendix provides in-depth information on the world, US and Canadian oil markets.  This publication is released monthly. 

CeRI Commodity Report - Oil

Oil Market - A Year in Review - November - December 2016

Impact of Changing Marine Regulations on Canadian Crude Supply - October 2016

Supply and Demand, Prices and Costs:  Rebalancing the Oil Market -  September 2016

East Coast Offshore Crude Oil Exploration - July-August 2016

Are Solvents the New Holy Grail for Albert's Oil Sands?  Update on the Use of Solvents in SAGD - June 2016

Upstream Emissions of CO2 and Fugitive Emissions in Canada - May 2016

Downstream Emissions:  Mitigation Efforts in Canada - April 2016

Cap-and-Trade:  Emissions Reductions Plan in Ontario - March 2016

The Present State of Canadian CO2 Emissions Policies and Actions - February 2016

Low Crude Oil Prices - January 2016


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