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Current Research


Economic and Environmental Potentials and Efficiencies of Oil Sands Operations: Processes and Technologies

Building on the Study 151, “Oil Sands Industry Energy Requirements and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Outlook (2015-2050)”, this study will detail technology and process options that can be used in oil sands production to reduce energy use per barrel. The objective is to identify economic options that can be deployed to the sector and how those options may reduce overall emissions. From the options identified the goal is to build scenarios of technology adoption industry-wide as constrained by economics and/or environmental impacts.

Anticipated completion:  January 2017

An Economic Assessment of Electricity Generation Options in Canada

This project will define the different options available for the delivery of electricity service to consumers in Canada.  The analysis will consider the economic cost of providing base load and peak electricity from non-renewable, renewable and nuclear generation.  These costs will be compared in isolation and then as they impact the markets of the 10 provinces.  The objective of the report is to identify the least cost and lowest emissions option for each province.  In addition, the lowest emissions option will also allow for the calculation of the implied carbon price.

Anticipated completion: March 2017

An Economic Potential of On-Shore Oil and Gas Production in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Consistent with the work completed for Yukon and Quebec, this study will look at production costs and economic impacts of potential oil and gas development in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  The objective of this project is to detail the size of the resource potential and the possible economic contribution it could make to the economy of those two provinces and to Canada.

Anticipated completion:  March 2017


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