CERI report - electricity

Editorial Committee:  Ganesh Doluweera, Paul Kralovic, Karen Mascarenhas, Dinara Millington, Megan Murphy, Allan Fogwill

Commodity Report - Electricity

CERI is furthering its research investment in clean and renewable energy markets with the launch of its Quarterly Electricity Report.  This report will provide snapshots on aspects of the Provincial electricity markets as well as national, provincial and territorial policy developments.  Please join our growing list of readers who stay informed about the electricity market through CERI’s thought-provoking and educational analysis.

This publication is released quarterly. 

Alberta Capacity Market, The New Market Unfolds -  September 2017

Trading Electricity for a Cause:  The Recent Quebec-Ontario Electricity Agreement -  June 2017

Interprovincial Electricity Trade:  The British Columbia-Alberta Intertie - March 2017