The Establishment of a Canadian Energy Information Organization (CEIO)

Canada is blessed with numerous energy resources.  We are also at a point in our development where difficult choices must be made with respect to the exploitation of those resources for economic growth and the environmental and social impacts those resources have on our society.  The availability of credible and comprehensive information is important if citizens, organizations and governments are to make wise decisions.  Such information is lacking in Canada regarding our energy supply and demand options.

CERI, in collaboration with other stakeholders, has been in discussions regarding the possibility of establishing a Canadian Energy Information Organization (CEIO).  This round of discussions began in 2015, however, the idea of establishing such an agency has been considered for decades.  The information that follows below in the posted files, documents this round of discussions.  For further information, please contact CERI at


Pre 2015
A Research Paper from Dr. M. Moore on the need for a CEIO

September 2015
A background document on the Vision and Value Added Services of a CEIO

February 2016
 A Discussion guide in preparation for a workshop held in Toronto on February 29, 2016

May 2016
Summary of the Discussions of the CEIO workshop in Toronto on February 29, 2016

October 2016
Results of a survey of Stakeholders on the need for a CEIO
A discussion paper on the need for a CEIO

CEIO Blogs
will be posted when available