Geopolitics of energy

Editorial Committee:  Paul Kralovic, Dinara Millington,
Megan Murphy, Allan Fogwill

Geopolitics of Energy (GoE) is the leading monthly journal on geopolitical developments affecting global energy markets.  It provides analysis, information, perspectives and fresh ideas on the political and economic factors affecting energy and their impact on national energy policies, the international environment and prices.  Geopolitics of Energy reports on developments in producer and consumer countries and provides critiques and analyses of current events as they affect these countries now and in the future.

Regular features include:

  • national energy profiles
  • special reports on the Middle East, FSU, USA, Canada, Asia, and Africa
  • assessments of energy options and security issues
  • regional perspectives on emerging issues

Geopolitics of Energy is published by the Canadian Energy Research Institute through an editorial board, accessing a network of writers and contacts around the world.

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