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Natural Gas Liquids in North America:  Overview and Outlook to 2035
Released July 2012

Natural gas liquids (NGLs), including ethane, propane, butanes, and pentanes plus are an important part of the North American energy industry. Their sources, including gas processing plants, crude oil refineries, and oil sands upgraders, are as diverse and complex as their final uses which include inputs for value-added petrochemicals, refineries and oil sands operations, as well as applications for fuel and heating across various sectors of the economy.

While is it well known and established that oil and gas production in North America is on the rise, a less explored and discussed matter is that of increasing NGLs volumes. Markets for NGLs are complex by nature and involve the dynamic interaction of various segments of the energy industry and the overall economy. Currently, market dynamics are changing across the continent as traditional markets regions have the potential to become supply sources and/ or self-sufficient, new sources of supply are being tapped, and the necessary infrastructure to accommodate these changes is in a constant state of flux. These changes are creating opportunities for both producers and end users of NGLs across the continent.

After more than ten years from CERI’s latest assessment of NGLs in North America, this is CERI’s comeback to the analysis of this complex and exciting segment of the industry. This report serves as a guideline to understand the natural gas liquids industry with a focus on Canada, as well as to provide an analysis and outlook to 2035 for NGL markets in North America.

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