Do We Need a Canadian Energy Information Organization?

Stakeholders, governments and industry groups struggle with understanding energy supply and demand systems in Canada.  We most likely look to the IEA or the EIA to determine how the market is evolving in this country.  Why would we need such an agency here?  Do we have issues with inter-provincial coordination of infrastructure projects? Do we deploy province specific energy efficiency programs without learning from other Canadian jurisdictions?  Is there a need to have a detailed understanding of Canada's supply and demand picture in international trade negotiations?  The answer to all these questions is yes.  Yet, to date, we have not seen a concerted effort on the part of energy stakeholders and decision makers from across the country to get serious on a shared understanding of our supply and demand issues. A common understanding of the facts would focus our energy debates on values.  While still difficult, debates in terms of the economy/environment trade off would have a greater chance of achieving consensus than if we were still arguing the facts.  So I ask you, do we need a Canadian Energy Information Organization?