CERI Commodity Report - NAtural Gas

Editorial Committee:  Paul Kralovic, Dinara Millington,
Megan Murphy, Allan Fogwill

CERI Commodity Report - Natural Gas is a monthly publication that examines near-term North American natural gas market fundamentals.  Coverage includes the key drivers of natural gas activity, supply, demand, and storage, as well as weather expectations, and their impacts on natural gas prices.  The report comments on a broad range of elements:  active rig count, well licensing, completions, production volumes, Canadian system receipts, LNG imports, energy commodity prices, and so on.  The basic elements are consistent from issue to issue.  Additional topical articles and reports vary with the marketplace annual cycle, gas industry activity, impacts of other energy sectors, and global issues affecting North American natural gas.

Natural Gas Market - A Year in Review - Nov - Dec 2016

The Approved NGTL Pipeline Expansion - October 2016

Natural Gas Prices - September 2016

Ethane Availability for Proposed Western Canadian LNG Facilities - July-Aug 2016

East Coast LNG - June 2016

Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) in Canada - May 2016

Natural Gas and Climate Change in Ontario - April 2016

Natural Gas Storage in Ontario - March 2016

US LNG:  An Update - February 2016

Turm-oil in Natural Gas Markets - January 2016

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